BillMinder FAQ

Can I import my data from BillMinder 3?

Yes! If you have a BillMinder account then log in with your username and password. Your data should be downlaoded and shown.

If you do not have a BillMinder account then email a backup to yourself from the settings screen in BillMinder 3. Open the email in the Mail app that comes with iOS and tap on the backup file. Choose the "Copy to BillMinder" option and be sure to pick the new BillMinder 4 icon. You will be asked whether you want to import the backup. Choose import. Note that importing a backup removes existing data in BillMinder.

How do I sync my data with another iOS device?

Sync requires a BillMinder account. You can create one when you first open BillMinder 4 or from the screens screen if you chose to skip creating an account. Log into this account in BillMinder on other devices with which you want to share your BillMinder data. Your data is synchronized automatically when you open the app on each device.

How do I filter my bills by month and Paid or Due like I did in BillMinder 3?

Tap All, Paid, or Due at the top of the Calendar tab

How do I see a monthly list of bills like I did in BillMinder 3?

Tap the "List" button at the top left of the Calendar tab to see a monthly list of your bills.

How do I filter my Calendar by category like I did in BillMinder 3?

Tap the "All Bills" (or category name with icon) text below the calendar or list on the Calendar tab, choose a category, and tap Done. You can switch back to all bills by following the same steps.

How do I quickly add a payment or delete a bill?

On the Upcoming tab, swipe across the bill from right to left to see the Mark Paid and Delete options. Tap the button that does what you want to do or scroll the table to cancel and do nothing.

How do I add bills to existing (non-repeating) Accounts?

Go to the Categories tab, tap the category containing the account you want to add a bill to. Tap the + to add a bill to this account. Note that this option only appears for non-repeating accounts.

How do I add repeating bills?

On the Upcoming or Calendar tabs, tap the + in the top right corner of the screen. Fill in the required information and tap Save.

How do I lock BillMinder 4?

BillMinder 4 supports locking the app using TouchID or FaceID. Your device must support TouchID or FaceID, you must have a pin code set on your phone, and you must have setup at least one finger print or face in Settings on your device depending on the authorization method it supports. Once you've done this, a TouchID or FaceID option will appear on BillMinder's Settings tab. Toggle the switch on to enable requiring authorization via TouchID or FaceID to open the app.

How do I delete my account Account?

This operation cannot be undone. On the Settings tab, tap Manage Account, and tap Delete Account.